What we offer


We offer consulting services and training for both personal and professional wellness and safety. We will train, coach, advise and simply give you the right tools and resources needed to be successful. Our knowledge and skills based training is aimed to improve individual and organizational needs. We use best practice concepts and adult learning methodologies that maximize motor skill and information retention. Below are some of the courses we provide:

Services offered:

  • Personal Wellness Strategies 
  • Workplace Wellness Strategies
  • Team & Relationship Dynamics
  • Functional Fitness Coaching 
  • Personal Leadership & Mentoring Strategies 
  • Personal Defense & Safety 
  • Control & Defensive Tactics (Instructor and operator)
  • Lesson Plan Development
  • Expert Witness to Use Of Force Litigation
  • Use Of Force Analysis / Policy Revision 
  • Documentation & Report Writing 
  • Correctional Litigation / Legal Issues
  • Interpersonal Communication & De-escalation
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Stunt Men & Tactical Advisory

Law Enforcement Training:

  • Field Instructor Control/Defensive Tactics Course
  • Level 1 Control Tactics 
  • Level 2 Impedance Tactics 
  • Ground Survival Tactics 
  • OC Spray Certification/Re-cert
  • AXON/TASER Certification/Re-cert
  • Small Team Cell Extractions / Dynamic Disturbance Response
  • Handcuffing & Restraints Application
  • Suspect Frisking & Searching 

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DEFENSIVE TACTICS / SAFETY & SECURITY MANAGEMENT                                     


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