What we believe

cropped-on-mission-logo.jpgOn Mission believes in leaving people, things and places better off than the way we found them. Service is our mission, and it is not limited to any single capacity. As a company we believe that everyone has a purpose in this life to be On Mission for God. We believe that Jesus Christ died for all, and that his gift of salvation is free for all who believe.

From a business standpoint, On Mission believes that developing happier, healthier and informed staff reduces risk and costly litigation. However, most importantly, it moves the organization toward optimal results. When an organization shows they are willing to invest in the total wellness of their staff, it builds a culture of trust, it strengthens relationships, and it helps move the organization to flourishing at its full potential. People first, mission always, as it is the people that carry out the mission.

From a consulting standpoint, On Mission sees safety as the top priority, professionalism as the foundation, and legality as the path. It is our vision to promote and develope (legality, safety and professionalism) as an operational mindset.

From a training standpoint, On Mission uses adult learning methodologies to promote maximum skill and information retention, and all training can be modified to fit individual and staffing needs. Information doesn’t equal understanding, and neither does content without context. Application in practical context is the premise of understanding. You have to be able to do something with the training and information you’re given. It is about both the experience and the end product.

Most of the control and defensive tactics training offered by On Mission is shaped primarily from the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission, as these systems are legally defensible, medically approved, tactically efficient and instructionally effective. We teach to principle and practicality. This is to ensure you go home, keeping safety as a top priority, while also mitigating risk of injury, liability, effectiveness, and safety to everyone depending on the totality of circumstances.

A few tactical things that we have learned is that:

  • No one’s knug-fu is better than anyone else’s kung-fu.
  • Everything works and everything fails.
  • Everyone is a white belt, and everyone can be attacked, so leave your ego at the door.

All material and training provided by On Mission is built off of best practice, packaging information from credible sources, and delivering it with quality and passion. More than anything the most credible resource we use is the Bible, with the trust that all scripture is God breathed. There is no greater leadership example than the example set forth by Jesus Christ.