Battles And Blessings

Child, each day is a gift and tomorrow is never promised. Be grateful always and express it often.

You are guaranteed 2 things in life:

Battles and blessings.

Even the battles are blessings, as they only make you stronger, and they define your story.

With the battles you face and the blessings you are given, there are 2 things you need to know how to do:

Love and fight.

Fight the good fight, and apply all strength with good purpose. Fight courageously and don’t lose the fight within. Your integrity is all you have.

Keep it simple. Love God, and love you neighbor. Everything else will fall where it needs to. Let your love be unconditional and your kindness be genuine. Leave people and things better off than the way you found them.

When it is hard, stay in the fight, and when it is dark, stay in the light.

Love with everything you have, and always do right.

You can’t lose in this life, you either win or you learn.

You can’t lose in this life, because the war has already been won.

What none of us could ever do, He has already done.

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