How well do you know Correctional Law? Assess your knowledge and schedule a class now to stay out of the fire of litigation!

As far as the law goes in Washington, the state law is fairly strict in terms of the standards of correctional operations and practice; WAC governing prisons, RCW governing jails and the constitution overseeing all. However, much of “why” things are the way they are has been a direct influence of many landmark cases that were established after the hands off era came to an end, and the courts became totally involved.

It is important to stay informed with case law as legal issues constantly evolve. Below is a way you can both learn and test your knowledge with some of the most significant cases that effect why we do business the way we do. You will also be able to assess you knowledge with the use of force, and how it is analyzed and evaluated by the courts.

Information is great, but doesn’t always equal understanding. Content has to be put into context. Schedule a 5 hour Correctional Legal Issues & Use of Force class now to help you and your agency stay out of the fire of litigation.

To access the study set with the link below, enter password: readytotest

Studying on Quizlet: Correctional Law & Use of Force Knowledge Assessment

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