If you were to look at how much time and money organizations invest on training the skill of staff, it would significantly outweigh the amount invested in the heart and minds of staff.

Training is typically shaped by task demands and operational need, as a proactive measure to prevent liability. The skills to do the job safely, and within compliance with policy and the law. Knowledge and skill are absolutely vital in terms of training. From use of force, defensive tactics, CPR and first aid; to the simple operational tasks we conduct each day either out on the road or behind the walls. There is a significant amount of knowledge and skill we need to have to be competent in our duties. Unfortunately, this results in less attention and training for the heart and the mind; the two things that keep us both safe and alive.

Taking care of the heart goes deeper than just eating right and exercising, but understanding our purpose in WHY we do what we do each day. If we neglect purpose, it trickles down to becoming cynical, disconnected, to playing the victim, and potentially compromising our integrity. Optimism levels plummet, cortisol levels rise, and before we know it we’ve thrown away valuable years of our life.

Teaching the mind expands further than just knowledge and information . Knowledge and information doesn’t equal understanding. The mind is in direct connection with the heart, and wisdom is driven from understanding. This means that unless a true sense of purpose is established, teaching the mind and training skill will never be at its full potential.

For instance, if you are developing in-service defensive tactics, you should know “why” before you know “how”. If you know that it’s about serving something greater than yourself, an oath was taken to serve and protect, and that all skill and force must be applied objectively for good purpose, it will shape the way the training is both developed and delivered. It will be professional, tactically safe and legally defensible. Staff will truly understand the difference between self defense and defensive tactics, knowing control is the goal, but staying alive is rule number one. But the staff have to first buy in to the “why” or the training will be nothing more than surface level.

Ultimately, if organizations begin with investing in the hearts of staff, the minds will follow, skills will grow and operations will flourish. It will build a transparent culture of trust, who are healthy, resilient, fit for duty, and most importantly, happy. It will also cut down on the amount of sick time used, result in less uses of force, reduce costly litigation and prevent other negative effects of stress that we are exposed to each day. It is better to start now, than wait until it’s either too expensive or too late. Our profession is incredibly noble, and all of those who serve deserve this.

Blue Courage is the recipe for success in training the hearts and minds of both new and seasoned Law Enforcement Professionals; meaning Corrections and Police. Get enrolled now, and become the next instructor for your department in helping your peers, your agency and your profession flourish at full potential!

Click here to learn more and get enrolled in the March Train the Trainer

March 05 -08, 2018

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