Along with integrity, officer safety is something there is no room for compromise.

In terms of our safety , there are factors in which we can control, yet factors in which we don’t. 2 triangles; one being you, and the other being the enemy. The first triangle (3) is you and the 3 things you need to survive. Training, physical fitness and a winning mindset “I will survive”. Your skill is defined through continued training. Your ability and capacity is defined through your genetics and maintaining your physical fitness. And your situational dominance and desire to survive depends on having a winning mindset. You need all 3.

The moment you stop training and conditioning yourself both physically and mentally, you compromise officer safety. Both yours and your peers. And the moment you doubt or give up, you’ve defeated yourself.

The second triangle (3) being the unknown attacker, also consists of 3 elements needed to attack. Their desire to attack you, their ability to attack you, and their opportunity to attack you. 2 of those elements you have no control over. Desire and ability. You may be able to influence ones desire, but for an unknown predator, it is out of your control. However, the one element you do have control over is their opportunity to attack. Never put yourself in a vulnerable position to be attacked. Action is always faster than reaction, and by the time you have been attacked, it might be too late.

Don’t be paranoid, but be prepared. You don’t have to be suspicious to be curious, and constantly be running scenarios through your head. Always have a plan. Never stop training and conditioning, remembering that when you’re not, the enemy is. And finally, instill in your mind that no matter what, YOU WILL SURVIVE!

3+3-1: Two triangles; one being YOU and what you control, and the other “THE ENEMY” and what they control minus the one thing you can take away (opportunity).

Stay legal, stay professional and stay safe, however, remember that safety is ALWAYS top priority.

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