3 positives are = to 1 negative. Do not go in debt!

Studys have shown that every 3 positives is equal to just 1 negative.

I'm certain that if we were all to think about this within the context of our own lives, we would further validate this fact. Now, think of this like a bank account with “trust, performance and relationships” being the currency. And to put this in context, apply it to a supervisor or fellow officer holding someone accountable. If the he or she delivers positive interactions frequently, when they have to make those challenging decisions, or have those challenging conversations, you may take a little from the bank, however, you will still be in the positive. On the flip side of this, if all you deliver is negatives, you literally put yourself in relational debt, making it a lot harder to rebuild that trust and commitment.
I'm a firm believer in making relationships just as much a priority as operations. Generally speaking, if you take care of the people and manage positive relationships, operations will take care of themselves. This establishes trust and commitment, so that when conflict and accountability arises your not putting yourself or your team in debt. So, think positive, speak positive and build people up rather than tear them down. Keep conflict healthy and stay accountable. But most importantly, stay out of “debt”.

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