Let’s say “success” is your “true north”. The destination of where you want to go. And your “integrity” and your “professionalism” is your desire to get to that destination.

Let’s say “legality” is the roadway that gets you to that destination, and “safety” is the guardrails that keep you on that path.

You drive this roadway with practical wisdom, staying objective and reasonable.

While the destination never changes, there might be different routes that take you to that same destination. Some may be longer and some may be riskier, but eventually they will still get you there. This is because you are in control, you set pace and take only necessary risks.

However, if you are not careful, there are some paths that can take you way off course; some being dangerous that lead to both career and personal destruction. These dangerous paths are called compromise and complacency. Whenever you become complacent, or compromise a standard of legality or safety, you start removing those guardrails and narrowing that path. However, whenever you start compromising your integrity or standard of professionalism, you start to redefine your “true north” destination of success altogether. And the further you go down that wrong path, the further you steer away from success.

Staying on the right road takes using “The Roadmap to Success”, an operational mindset and way of being that is LEGAL, PROFESSIONAL and SAFE. This is doing right and wise thing for right reason all the time, remembering that every time a standard is compromised, a new one is set. So, you have to be mindfully aware about staying on this narrow path, so that you can get to your “true north” destination.

This destination is success, retiring when and how you want to; knowing all of your service was in good faith and of good purpose.

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