You lie you die

Integrity is fragile, and easily broken. Even if it is repaired, its original structure will never be the same. And in the glass house profession we work in, integrity can never be compromised.
We are constantly faced with challenging decisions each and every day. And with every decision we make, we should be asking if it is LEGAL, SAFE, and is it PROFESSIONAL. Is the decision being made within policy or the law, would it compromise safety of yourself, your peers, the inmates you supervise or the facility, and is it out of good faith and for the greater good (fair not equal).


We are all here because we are people of integrity, but it doesn’t mean that our integrity cannot be jeopardized. Be mindfully aware and remember that every time a standard is compromised, a new standard is set.


The right thing, for the right reason, all the time…

Let’s kick today in the pants!

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