Perception vs Intention 

Our profession is full of good intentions, we just have to be willing to see them.

It’s easy to let perception blind true Intention. This can be destructive to peer relationships and ultimately damaging to operations. And without solid working relationships, operations crumble. This is hard, especially in law enforcement where we have a very curious mindset that often becomes suspicious. However, sometimes the information we perceive doesn’t equal true understanding. You really have to understand personality types and relational dynamics. Not everyone thinks alike and acts the same, and not everyone recognizes and regulates information and emotion the same.

We also have to be very cautious where we spend our energy. Negative emotions and thoughts never lead to looking for the positive, and trying to understand the why behind the what. If you are around the negative you will see things through a negative lens. However, if we start to ask “why” and look at things through a positive lens, that is how problems are solved. The same information can be processed two completely different ways. I am not saying ignore issues or sweep things under the rug, but rather pay attention to the tension and try to solve problems versus work around them. Our profession is full of good intentions, we just have to be willing to see them. 

And don’t forget that we operate and perform 31% better in the positive than in the negative, and meaningful relationships are a key component to happiness and life satisfaction. 

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