As long as it is all about you, you will never be happy

“The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy.”Kalu Kalu

Whether you are law enforcement on the road or law enforcement behind the walls, make it a daily goal to leave things and people better than you found them. At the end of your shift you will find fulfillment and purpose. You will find happiness in a profession that many would never consider doing.

If work is just a job and everything is focused around you, you will struggle in finding meaning and purpose, and you will certainly never truly be happy. And I don’t mean compromising your own officer safety. What I’m talking about is pleasure. It is human nature to want instant pleasure and self fulfillment, but the reality is, none of that creates the outcome of long term happiness. Happiness isn’t about a “what” it’s about a “who”. Not what’s in it for me, but what in it for others. It’s how we were designed. And don’t ever confuse human nature with Gods divine design. Human nature is not Devine design. Human nature seeks pleasure, while divine design seeks purpose. 

True happiness and fulfillment comes from serving and giving. Those 2 things define meaning and purpose. And those two things are never at anyone else’s expence, whereas, pleasure is always at someone else’s expense. Yes happiness is a choice, and 40% of life satisfaction is choice, however, true fulfillment comes giving, serving and living with purpose. So take care of yourself, so that you can best serve others. Never miss an opportunity in this line of work to make a difference. And every single interaction counts. At the end of the day, if you’ve made someone smile, and left them better than they were, you are fulfilling your legacy. And you will find happiness.

God bless,

Brandon Anderson

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