My Preferred Supplements, And My Own Pre-Workout Cocktail I Use… GREAT DEALS!


I am definitely not a supplement guru, however, there are a few supplements I do use that work great. All products offered on this blog are through I tried to find the best deals balanced with quality products.

I am definitely an advocate of Amino Energy by Optimum Nutrition. The price may vary on the flavor you select. Click the link below to purchase.


With the banana flavored whey protein, try mixing it with milk and orange juice. Pretty delicious! Click the link below to purchase.



So here is a pretty effective pre, during and post workout blend I put together that works very well without all the extra caffeine and filler. Its 1 Zipfizz, a scoop of unflavored Createne, a scoop of unflavored Beta-Alanine and a scoop of unflavored L-Arginine. You then mix this in 12-16oz of water and enjoy. That is the one thing I like, more water for the monohydrate, and less beta tingle and shakes than your typical pre-workouts. Zipfizz uses more of a natural caffeine.

These products are available below. I have put the best deals I could find while sticking with quality product like Optimum Nutrition. With this mix, your powders will out last the Zipfizz for quite some time. So though it may seem a little more expensive than just purchasing a packaged pre-workout, it usually saves you money in the long run. Just purchase another box of Zipfizz, maybe try a different flavor and your set to go!

Again, this is my own workout cocktail and I not guaranteeing this works for everybody, but I find it works great for me, especially for long enduring workouts. Purchase the products below, try it, get your workout on, and let me know what you think! To purchase these products, click the link above each productspicture.





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