A Great Calisthenics Warm-up that only takes 10 minutes (The 20/20)

This is an excellent warm-up before any workout. If you are short on time, it might even suffice as a quick workout. Only takes 10 minutes. Full-body, cardiovascular, spinal, large joint, small joint…gets the blood flowing and some sweat going. I call it the 20/20 Warm-up. It’s 9 different exercises interrupted by a set of 20 situps followed by 20 pushups.

I understand we all have different preferences, but for me, I have to get a good warm up before I can get a good workout. And I don’t like to stretch cold muscles.

Anyways, here it is:

20 – 3 count overhead jumping jacks

jumping jack

This should flow right into the next exercise:

20 – 3 count seal jumping jacks

Seal jacks

20 situps / 20 pushups

30 – 3 count cherry pickers

Cherry Pickers

20 situps / 20 pushups 

30 body Squats

Body Squat

15 lunges each leg


10 one legged toe touch each leg 

One leg toe toucher

20 situps / 20 pushups 

20 – 3 count Flutter Kicks 

Flutter Kicks

20 situps / 20 pushups

10 Burpees


20 situps / 20 pushups

Arm Circles -Forward big / Backward big / Forward small / Backward small

Arn circles


Let me know what you all think in the comments. I find this to be a great warm up especially for boxing, martial arts and any kind of defensive tactics training where the joints and body are going to be manipulated.

Take Care and God bless!

Brandon Anderson


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